In announcing his bid for another term, Sheriff Vick cited as one of his major accomplishments the new construction of the department's firearm range at no cost to the taxpayers of the county.  The facility has allowed the Sheriff's Department to provide the following to the citizens of Williamson County:

*  Department sponsored eight hours of firearms safety classes to teach firearms familiarization, safety, cleaning and storage.

​*  Use of the department range for a safe place for deer hunters to sight in their firearms.

*  Provided use of the facility to the Boy Scouts of America for safe firearms training.

*  Provided use of the facility to retired Federal Bureau of Prisons employees.

*  Use of range for local, state and federal law enforcement.

*  Allowed NRA instructors use of the range to teach the Basic Pistol Class to citizens.

*  Established a "Range Appreciation Day" for those who donated time, labor or monies for range improvements.

* Provided concealed carry legal issues classes for the public.

*  Allowed Sheriff Department employees to qualify at their own range without having to borrow range space from another department, requiring travel.

Under Vick's supervision, the Sheriff's Department has been significantly updated both in its operation and is facilities.  In 2012, the entire jail operation was transferred to a separate new jail building, which is adjacent to the old structure. 

Jail Improvements:

*  One of the first counties in Southern Illinois to pas the Prison Rape Elimination Act Audit.

*  House inmates for the U.S. Marshals Service, Bureau of Prisons and Centerstone bringing in $3,500,000 of additional, unexpected money to the county's general fund.

*  Increased training for the Correctional Officers and staff.

*  Participated in a program for inmates to read and record story books to their children for holidays.

*  Received a $25,000 grant to purchase a "Live Scan" fingerprint machine.

*  Has worked diligently to insure the Williamson County Detention Center is a safe and secure facility for the housing of inmates and a safe working environment for the Corrections Officers.

A native of Johnston City, Vick has made operational changes within the department, as well.  He believes the changes make the department better suited to deal with the changing role of law enforcement.  Sheriff Vick has designated deputies within the department for special training and assignment to work on the Internet Predator Squad, Cyber Crimes Unit, Methamphetamine Interdiction Team, Cold Case Squad and a Special Response Team or SWAT as they are commonly know.  Vick indicated he was please with the work of these units and belives they contribute to the overall success of the department.  

Sheriff Vick has actively developed a program of community relations during his two terms.  Vick has initiated the Citizen's Police Academy which seeks to familiarize members of the public with basic police work.

Sheriff Vick has also designated a deputy within the department to act as a Community Relations Officer and directed that the department establish a webpage and facebook page.  

Sheriff Vick has also worked with the Boy Scouts of America to establish an Explorer Program within the Sheriff's Office.

​Sheriff Vick has been instrumental in the National Drug Take Back Program, which is co-sponsored with the DEA.  

So far in Williamson County, the Take Back Program has resulted in the disposal of more than 1900 pounds of pills and 487 gallons of syringes.

Recently, Sheriff Vick has initiated several new programs which he believes will benefit the public:

*  Women's Self-Defense Course.

*  Redefined Sheriff's Auxiliary Deputies (more training and equipment).

*  Active Shooter Training in Schools (3 Districts), Business and Day Cares.

*  Active Shooter Training in churches and safety programs.

*  Threat Assessments.

*  Kids Identification Program.

*  Upgraded security in the Courthouse and county buildings.

*  IDOT grants of $125,000 for equipment and roadside checks.

*  IDOT grants of $52,000 for cameras in squad cars.

*  Traffic safety days provided training for 11,487 Driver Educations students in Williamson and surrounding counties.

*  DOJ Grants for ballistic vests and personal safety equipment.

*  Equipment and weapons for Special Response Team (SRT, commonly know as SWAT) and acquired and military surplus armored vehicle called a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle.

*  Increased training hours for deputies.

Department Accomplishments

Williamson County Sheriff